The beginning of the rest of my life – 1991

October 1991 This is a day i will never forget, a day in my life that changed who I am and who I was to become. Tuesday, sitting at home with two friends and smoking hash having a blast. When suddenly we started discussing the bible and end times, like we knew anything! We heard that the Devil and the Antichrist was real, and had heard of the mark of the beast ' 666'. Then I went downstairs to the toilet and on my way back up I … [Read more...]

Led by the Holy Spirit.

My first week saved, and looking foreword to church again. The church which I'd gotten saved in had meetings on thursday evenings. So my friend and his wife picked me up at home to take me to church, his wife was suffering with cancer at that time. Came into church and the music started, then some guest preacher from America who was married to a beautiful swedish woman started telling us about his ministry. Told us about all the … [Read more...]

My Bible came to life

Will never forget the day when after a meeting the paster saw me with my Bible, and asked if I read it. Huh! thought it was only to be opened in service to follow along, like the song book. Was so shocked by his question, and felt suddenly a desire to start reading it. But where to start and how. So I just randomly opened it up and read the first thing my eyes fell upon. Mathew 19: 23-24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, … [Read more...]

Hallelujah! I’m FREE

Radically SAVED! Is there actually any other way? The Bible speaks of repentance, didn't know what that meant but I can tell you that when I met the Master all things were changed. I now love Jesus with all my heart. Strange to think that he was always there with outstretched arms waiting for me. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, Was blind, but now I see. T'was … [Read more...]

Win the lost

Had to tell everyone on my way about Jesus, felt that the rapture was soon to take place and everyone must be saved. Many criticised me for that, asking if I wanted to save the whole world. Yes! At our church we had a lot of tracts and a monthly magazine which were used for distribution. Now the presses would run warm, my rugsac was always loaded and nobody was  going to slip by without receiving and hearing that Jesus loved them. I … [Read more...]