A ‘trip’ home.

Remember watching the news here in Europe, there was so much propaganda  that I didn't know what was truth or lies. They said a bloodbath was sure to happen and that the whites would all be murdered. Was so worried about my family and friends that I just had to get there. Overdrew my account when my pay came in, new that if I was quick enough I could withdraw all my salary at least twice in two different ATM's. Got a ticket to South … [Read more...]

Deepest pit.

Leaving my family in South Africa to the promised land, as I was told. The journey went deeper into darkness. The best times were while on the ships, where I had a roof over my head. Good food and earned good money. So I spent only a short time in Norway during those years, staying in hotels  and hostels while the money lasted. The next few years at sea life was just a big party, with no responsibilities. High every single day, … [Read more...]

Tell me the truth?

In 1987 went back home to South Africa after been away for about four years. Had been working in a factory in Fredrikstad my girlfriend was pregnant and I needed to get away. Asked my grandmother if she could help me with some money if I came home, funds were low and I'd scraped enough to get a flight down, a one way ticket. Wasn't planning on returning to Norway. Everything about my life was a mess. My grandmother got so angry with … [Read more...]

A small world

It was my first week in Fredrikstad, sitting in a bar with some other sailors. One Norwegian guy asks where I was from, so I tell him. He gets up and uses the telephone in the corner and calls a friend, then tells me to come and talk with his friend. Suddenly I'm talking with a girl who had just come back to Norway from Cape Town. She had an aunty that lived in the same area that I grew up in, and she had also been engaged with a boy … [Read more...]

Along came Nadia.

Returned to Norway and my girlfriend Catharina, who was now five months pregnant. Got my old job back and tried to make the best of the situation. I was working in her fathers sign factory, had a good job working in production. We were still using drugs at this time, then one day Catharina got alcohol poisoning and was sent to hospital to get pumped out. Now I really believed we would loose the baby, but by the grace of God she came … [Read more...]

First house.

I got hold of this house through a friend of mine named Joy , a girl from Cape Town working in the local bank. Joy was always a loving and caring friend, one of the firs people I met when I came to Fredrikstad. She has always been like a sister to me, helping when things piled up. I never quite understood how things work when it comes to bills, economy and responsibility. The house was built in 1948 and was old and run down. The … [Read more...]

Hallelujah! I’m FREE

Radically SAVED! Is there actually any other way? The Bible speaks of repentance, didn't know what that meant but I can tell you that when I met the Master all things were changed. I now love Jesus with all my heart. Strange to think that he was always there with outstretched arms waiting for me. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, Was blind, but now I see. T'was … [Read more...]

Win the lost

Had to tell everyone on my way about Jesus, felt that the rapture was soon to take place and everyone must be saved. Many criticised me for that, asking if I wanted to save the whole world. Yes! At our church we had a lot of tracts and a monthly magazine which were used for distribution. Now the presses would run warm, my rugsac was always loaded and nobody was  going to slip by without receiving and hearing that Jesus loved them. I … [Read more...]


A friendly warning on this ....... day of ...... 1988 to the parents, relatives, friends, girlfriend and neighbors of the following member of the SADF: NO: ....... Rank: ............... Name: .................... In a short time the above mentioned soldier will temporarily take his place among you, feeling demoralized, bossies, sand mad and probably fly crazy.   You are earnestly advised to do the following in … [Read more...]


Debay, Yves (Text) Source: Raids magazine. No. 44 July 1995 ISSN 0963-1852 PP. 20-23, 41. Posters note: The original appears to have been written in French. Some of the exotic spelling remains from the original article. 1975 was a particularly bad year for the western world: Saigon and Phnom Penh fell into communist hands while, after a sudden about-face in western Africa, the Soviets turned away from their Somali allies to back … [Read more...]


By Marianne Tham Photography by Tracey Derrick From `SA city life’ March 1999 pp. 24-29, 50. ISSN # 1029-483X (www.sacitylife.com) This is the story of two South Africans who left home as boys and returned as battle-scarred men. Although they fought different wars, Yazir Henry and Charles Hodson live with similar memories. It was an experience that set them apart from the rest of society – as it did hundreds and thousands of other … [Read more...]


by Brendan Seery: Sunday Star (Johannesburg) 06-10-1991   Graphic details by SA bush veterans of the horrors of war and the problems they faced coming home have been compiled in a remarkable book by Unisa lecturer Karen Batley. Barely having started shaving their teenaged faces, they donned military brown to fight a war 2 000 km away from their homeland. With the dust of the African bush in their nostrils and its fine grit … [Read more...]


Books about the war we were part of and testimonies from the forgotten heroes. An Unpopular War by J.H. Thompson In the seventies, eighties and nineties, conscription had a profound effect on hundreds of thousands of young men, particularly those who had to serve in the Angolan war. This book is a collection of reflections and memories of that time, collected by JH Thompson, who interviewed men who did National Service in … [Read more...]

The Testimony of John Lee Clary

John Lee Clary shares his testimony of how Jesus Christ transformed his life from being a former Ku Klux Klan leader to now an ordained minister and preaching the Message of the Cross. … [Read more...]