Win the lost

Had to tell everyone on my way about Jesus, felt that the rapture was soon to take place and everyone must be saved. Many criticised me for that, asking if I wanted to save the whole world. Yes!

At our church we had a lot of tracts and a monthly magazine which were used for distribution. Now the presses would run warm, my rugsac was always loaded and nobody was  going to slip by without receiving and hearing that Jesus loved them. I who was once so scared to speak to strangers now loved everybody.

At work I’d put tracts into the products that were sent out, near the punch inn clock I had my own stand with magazines and tracts. Tore down all the nude pinups around my workspace and replaced them with pictures of cake.

Shortly after my conversion another young man got saved. Thor Ivar Grønli is his name, it seemed as if God put us together to win the lost. We were very eager to spread tracts and get in contact with people. We were out everyday and night, summer and winter, christmas and easter, unstoppable. We walked from house to house, getting every street with tracts. We evan went to the old age homes telling about our experiences with Jesus and his love. On weekends we also inn-took the neighbouring towns.

Had some wonderful experiences, remember specially one town on a Friday night. Normally young people would not receive a tract or just crumple it up, they saw us as poor idiots without a life. But this one evening things were different, suddenly a huge crowd gathered around us and wanted to know more about our Jesus. We were privileged to be in the right place at the right time and many were blessed.

Many times I experienced God gave me a different message to each person, word of wisdom. Not from me but through The Holy Spirit, many asked how I knew about their troubles and they understood it must be God.

Once while witnessing for to two satanists, another guy standing nearby overheard what was said. He received Jesus that night and was wonderfully saved, and through eavesdropping.