A small world

It was my first week in Fredrikstad, sitting in a bar with some other sailors. One Norwegian guy asks where I was from, so I tell him. He gets up and uses the telephone in the corner and calls a friend, then tells me to come and talk with his friend. Suddenly I’m talking with a girl who had just come back to Norway from Cape Town. She had an aunty that lived in the same area that I grew up in, and she had also been engaged with a boy who played soccer with me in the under sixteen team that my grandfather trained. Now if that isn’t strange then I don’t know what is.

joyHer name is Joy, her mom was from Cape Town and her dad was a Norwegian whaler. Joy is one who is a faithful and loving person, always giving and not expecting. My life most probably would have been totally ruined if it had dent been for her. She worked in the local bank.

Joy would suddenly visit me out of the blue and ask to see my bills and important papers. I never understood or even tried to understand that part of life, so everything just piled up and was a mess. She would go out of her way to fix it for me and get me organized again, this happened many times. And because of my lifestyle i used more money than I earned, made loans without security, bought things on credit and never paid it back. Thinking that one day if it gets to bad that I could just run away.

She even got me an apartment in town with some friends of her moms, they were also from Cape Town. They were elderly people, he had been on the ships during the war, so there were many rules to obey living in their house. We got on very well but it was difficult for me staying there because of my lifestyle, think they were glad to get rid of me.

Well one day Joy comes over a house that would be on auction, she believed I could manage it and that it would teach me some responsibility. I won the auction, and I had just bought a house without even going inside to see. I fell for it because it had a new roof, was built of brick, and that over the road was a bus stop. This was my own home, nobody could tell me what to do or not. I even put up my South African flag on national days. Its mine, thank you Joy.

Will always be grateful to Joy for her love to someone who was lost in a strange land.