Svein Åge Mathisen’s journey.

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Svein Åge Mathisen

Svein Åge Mathisen

Many have asked to hear my story, so in these pages I’ll try take you through some of the events of my life.  A powerful testimony about the love and power of my Lord Jesus Christ. And all that He has done in my life. Halleluja

My journey led me deeper into a darkness and bondage that no man or medicines in this world could deliver me from. Many stops on the way where God tried to get my attention, but no way, I was in charge of my own destiny and no one was going to tell me what to do.

Then one day Jesus knocked on the door of my heart, and from that day I would never be the same again… Glory! Halleluja!

Jesus is not a story but a reallity, He gave his life to save me.
And just as He promised in the Bible, he has been with me every second of every day since 1991. This is true love. «agape» not because of anything I did or could do but because of who He is and what He has done. Thanks for Calvary and the finished works of the cross, where Jesus gave His life so we could live. «It is finished!» Only believe!

Born again, there’s really been a change in me!
Born again, just like Jesus said!
Born again, and that`s because of Calvary!
I am so glad that I am born again!