To know Him

That I may know Him (referring to what Christ did at the Cross), and the power of His Resurrection (refers to being raised with Him in “Newness of Life” [Rom. 6:3–5]), and the fellowship of His sufferings (regarding our Trust and Faith placed in what He did for us at the Cross), being made conformable unto His death (to conform to what He did for us at the Cross, understanding that this is the only means of Salvation and Sanctification);

While we were in sin, hopelessly lost without God, Jesus came and found us. Halleluja!
We might boast about how we found God but that is not true, because it was Him that found us.(Luke 19:10 For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.) And He alone delivered us from ourselves and the powers of Satan, and has given us refuge in His kingdom of light. Placed us in heavenly places with Himself.

The first meeting with the resurrected Jesus Christ will completely change your life, suddenly your faith comes alive and newness of life flows through your every cell. Believing in the Word of God is now the most natural thing in the world.
Wow! how-come you never saw it like that before?
Were you really that blind?
Yess! and now you know what amazing grace is all about.

Ok! Now your eyes are opened and everything seems new, you are so in love with Jesus that even the people around you notice the  difference. And yet you have done nothing except believing in Jesus.
Is it really that simple?
Yes! It’s called grace.
Prayer is the key and your faith unlocks the door, so by believing as a child believes, locking out all our own wisdom and understanding and allowing the Spirit of God to do what He dose best, that is bringing us into a Christ like life – a life worth living.

To know Him is to love Him.
When you meet Jesus and give him all your heart, he then removes all in you that hinders you from seeking God – all antichristly and religious ways. And opens your eyes to see the riches of the Kingdom of God – now reading the Bible is not dry and boring theory but now up to date, heart touching living revelation of Gods will for your life. A love story from God to us today. Jesus said that if we love God then we will love His word, see there is the difference. And by reading the word of God we will know the truth and the truth will set us free.

The first signs that you are on right track is when Satan comes alive and tells you things you never would have thought of. Like, getting your focus back on to yourself, shame poor you and what will your friends say. Remember all wars were started by the Christians, du you think you are better than us others…. and getting your eyes off Christ and onto others. Satan will reveal to you all that you will be missing out on and how much better things were before you met Jesus, now there is just condemnation and lack of self confidence. Remember the preacher said you are nothing! so don’t try thinking you are.

He will even attack the music, saying that it is old-fashioned and that you are part of a new generation. Warning you not to listen, and reminding you about all the good songs that meant so much to you from the world.

Satan will even try keep you away from other spirit filled believers by sending  faithless people in the church in your way. Those who don’t want to talk about the bible and are just there to criticize the meeting or other saints, comeing for the benefits for the flesh, haveing no understanding nor will of liveing a life worthy of the gospel. These people don’t belong to or serve a church but rather visit all other congregations, knowing a lot about how things auto be but not doing it themselves. God places us in a church to grow in faith and love through the responsiballity of building up and encourageing the church. If we are faithfull in small things He will entrust us with greater responsibility, proven to be trusted. Our focus mut be Christ Jesus.

Howbeit when He, the Spirit of Truth, is come (which He did on the Day of Pentecost), He will guide you into all Truth (if our Faith is properly placed in Christ and the Cross, the Holy Spirit can then bring forth Truth to us; He doesn’t guide into some truth, but rather “all Truth”): for He shall not speak of Himself (tells us not only What He does, but Whom He represents); but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak (doesn’t refer to lack of knowledge, for the Holy Spirit is God, but rather He will proclaim the Work of Christ only): and He will show you things to come (pertains to the New Covenant, which would shortly be given).