I thank God for JSM

I have followed Jimmy Swaggart Ministrys since i got saved from a life of sin in 1991, after watching a video from a crusade in the 1980’s.

I grew up in South Africa in a roman catholic home where we were forced to go to Catechism and mass every sunday , oh how i hated it. At the age of 15 got into drugs and messed around in gangs.  Later to get off and away from the drug scene at 17 went into the army for two years, but  things only got worse.

No more war
One night while on my way to buy drugs, Jesus stoped me and drew me into a church where everyone had uplifted hands and were speaking in tounges (different languages). There God gave me a vission of three white crosses on a hill, thought it was a film trick until i asked the elders about it. Wow they got really excited – a week later I was water baptized in water there.

Left South Africa
One month later I left for the merchant marine, left Jesus there for a new and better life, so I was told. Got deeper into drugs, chrime and depression.

Out of body experience
Then one night about five years later in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, as I came into my cabin and closed the door. I was suddenly taken into a new dimension where I saw that I went out of my body and now was laying at the feet of Jesus. He was huge and sitting on a throne, standing next to Him was a neat clean cut man (just like a preacher). Then Jesus asked me if I was finished messing up my life and wanted to follow Him, I said «yes».  But I did’nt know how, because my life was in such a mess. Then the other man walked away and as he looked back at me suddenly he revealed himself, it was Satan.

Over the next few days I was shown some of the destruction of this earth. God revealed to me where huge hail rocks destroyed everything, looked just like pictures of Hiroshima after the atom bomb. How could anybody survive such a storm. And why did He reveal this to me. Many years later I read about some of the things He revealed to me in the Bible. So it’s true my friend, believe it or not. The day is comeing, so I truly hope you are ready for the rapture of the saints.

John 1:12.
But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: JESUS name.

A new start
After that it stil took seven years before I experienced life’s greatest miracle, where Jesus saved and delivered me overnight. Suddenly after 31 years, life was worth liveing. The craveing for druggs and stimulation was gone, swearing was gone, the desires for adultury and all that followed was gone. Suddenly I loved everyone and felt like I also belonged in this world. Wow! What jus happened, and all I did was ask Jesus to come into my life, and forgive me all the terrible things that I had done. Everything seemed so much better, the heavy burdens were taken off and I felt like I was walking on air, a new high.

Which church
My first experience with church in Norway was frustrating, it didnt feel right. Strange music, preacher bragging about all the souls that were getting saved and people falling down backwards in prayr line. What had happened to the church I thought, was not like my first experience in Cape Town. In the middle of the service God told me to get out of that place, why tell me? didnt the others there also hear His voice, were they not His sheep?.
Found out later it was a Word of Life church, they have the terrible Doctrine that   teaches simply that our Lord Jesus Christ had to die spiritually in hell in order to fully redeem mankind. Sorry, this is a doctrine of devils, and by the grace of God He led me out.

He leadeth me
Few days later God led me to a church, when i came through the doorway, it was as if i had been ther before. Recognized the same spirit from my first encounter with my Lord and Savior in Cape Town. The flowing power of the Holy Spirit,  testimony’s, music and anointed preaching of Christ and the  cross, finally I had come home.

Blessed experience
During the first new year of my life i went to a house meeting with friends, they put on a video from the Jimmy Swaggart crusades. Wow! heaven on earth. He preached and sang… i recognized the Spirit and felt the anointing, this was truly an anointed man of God.

Familiar spirit
The next week i went back and they put on another video from Benny Hinn’s crusades, it took only a few seconds and I felt in my gut a turning, as it was an occult spirit from when I was in the world. I was surprised my new friends couldnt discern the difference, and I’v learnt that most of the so called christian world follow these wolves in sheeps clothing. Why? is it because they rely on man and not God. Is not he Lord there sheppherd like in Psalm 23?

Focused on Jesus
So God has really blessed me, and i thank the messages from JSM for keeping me on right track through the years. The message of the cross has really been an eye opener, my walk with God is balanced and stable. Living the normal christian life go grace. Serving in a living church, with a testimony of the power of God to change lives.

 Still working on this document