Another close escape.

Cádiz on the border to Gibraltar, one of my favorite places where I spent some time in the early eighties. Loved the atmosphere of the place with the view of Gibraltar and the smell of the sea. Good food and coffee, and a very laid back culture. Friends were easy to find, and plenty of drugs and party life, sin city. Here I lived a life without shame, would never dare tell of the things I did there.
Well one day that I’ll never forget was when I was out to make a deal with some Spanish guys. While we were doing the transaction suddenly a hand came in from nowhere and grabbed the money and ran. We ran after him through the streets and as we followed down the stairs to a cemetery, suddenly something stopped me and told me to beware. I stopped dead in my tracks and stopped him who was with me, then I saw them, some gang waiting for us to come into the cemetery. As we turned an ran back into town with them chasing after us. Sometimes I think back to that situation an believe it was the Lord who stopped me there, most probably would have been murdered there. But the Lord saved me again for another day.