They preyed for me!

After a few years at sea, while onboard ship in the Cayman Islands, Cayman Brac. Here the waters of the Caribbean are so clear even at 100m, and so tempting. We used to dive off the bridge wing to get speed to dive under the ship while anchored in the bay. Well one day I blew my eardrum and was taken to hospital there, and had to spend a week in bed.


The ship left and I had to go back to Norway from there, an experience I’ll never forget. There were no cars on the island, so the nurse drove me to the airport on her scooter. The airport  was a landing strip for a very small plane, remember sitting on my bag on the flight to Grand Cayman. And the plane to Miami was not much bigger, we didn’t fly very high and the view of the Caribbean and islands was like a dream.

While in hospital that sunday morning a group from the local church came in to prey for one of their members, a young man about my own age. I lay there in my bed doing a puzzle when one elderly lady came over to me wondering who I was and where I was from. Before I knew it they all gathered around my bed preying for me. I had never experienced anything like this before, they were all of African descent and I could feel their love for me, a stranger with an apartheid upbringing. Normally people were cautious when meeting someone from South Africa, we were marked as rasist, and that always caused a bit of tension.

Even today I am reminded of that day, was it their prayers that saved me. One of those unanswered questions of who was it that preyed for me to get saved. The name of that hospital blesses me today – FAITH hospital. Glory!

Mar 3 Faith Hospital Opening