Beleive and Baptized! – 1980

Svein Åge Mathisen

Svein Åge Mathisen

One friday evening after I had come home from the army, I was walking along the road on my way to make a score ( buy some dope). When suddenly I was stopped, and found myself walking back to a church that I had just walked past. I went in and was surprised by the noise and everyone standing there with their hands in the air speaking different languages. Found a place near the back but before I knew what was going on I saw in the front of the congregation up on the wall something that would change my life.

I noticed for a moment something like a film projected onto the wall, the wall was covered with a curtain. But I could clearly see a hill with three crosses on top, and it was all shiny white. So while they were all preying and praising I went up front to find out what was going on. I had to find out if they were trying to trick me with film tricks. So when I told them what I had seen they got so excited, and asked if I wanted to get saved.

Get saved? What were they talking about I wondered, before I could answer they were already preying for me. After that they asked if I was baptized.

Baptized? Never heard of it. So I said OK!

The next week I was to come back and they would baptize me there. So I invited my grandmother, her being catholic got really upset and warned me against doing it. So I asked my mom and Jack if they could come, but my mom didn’t have time. So Jack came, he was a believer but was not baptized himself.

I got into white garments ready to be baptized at he church. Was taken up to a room in front of the church and went down into the water with another man. Then the curtain in front of the church was drawn back and I saw down upon the congregation, was so glad to see uncle Jack sitting there. The exact place where I had seen the vision was where I was baptized. And so it was done, not really understanding anything about what had happened.

When I got home to Nana (my grandmother) she was so upset when she saw my wet under ware. Saying it was a terrible thing I had done and that the catholic church was not happy. But for once in my life I felt at peace and it seemed so right what was happening in my life.

Uncle Jack was so surprised and told me that when I came up from the water that my face shined like an angle. My new desire was now to be with other christians. And within a week I had thrown my smokes into the sea. And joined a team that went into the slums to witness to the lost.

But that didn’t last long, for the next week my father’s ship came to South Africa.  And he asked if I wanted to join him, promising me a new start in life, and I said yes.

I can remember telling the elders of the church that I was joining the merchant marines, and leaving South Africa. They lay hands on me and preyed that the Lord would guide and protect me on my journey. And told me to go out and tell the world about my experience with Jesus.

Bethel Plumstead

Bethel Plumstead

Bethel was the name of the church in 1980.
This is where I met Jesus and was baptized, in those days there was a great revival where many were saved.